Common Grounds

Emily and I came here today because we needed a drop off place so Spencer could pick me up on the way to see A Chorus Line (which we saw… what a wild ride!).

When we walked in, we were excited to see one of Emily’s friend’s art (click here to see it) was hanging on the wall. Exciting!!

We both got coffee and were not there very long, but I got a good overall vibe about the place. Emily got a medium and I got a small and both came in glass cups/mugs which I believe really enhanced the experience. Also, as you can see behind Emily’s head in the photo below, they have a bookshelf, which I think is an important part of a coffee shop. Especially if it does not have four copies of twilight like that one I went to in DC…

Also, I looked it up and this shop is two address numbers away from a place called Common Ground Community Church. All I’m tryna say is that there seems to be a trend here with churches and coffee and the word “common.” Not sure what it means yet, but VERY interesting I’d say.

Do you have cold brew? Once again, I forgot to check. It seems as though my cold brew days are waning. Perhaps I’m starting to love my brain and not trying to kill it with caffeine.

Sun-Thurs: Closes at 11PM (late nights for the church-goers!!)
Fri-Sat: Closes at 10PM

1319 Fulton St E, Grand Rapids, MI 49503



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