Blue Owl Coffee Co.

I spent the weekend in Grand Rapids with Emily and when I was halfway back to Ann Arbor, I realized I still had her camera bag in my car. We made plans to meet halfway in Lansing Monday afternoon. This is how I ended up at Blue Owl.

What a place! There are huge windows at the front, but also medium-lit and darker spaces in the back if you don’t like feeling pelted by sunbeams while writing an essay. There is lots of art on the wall and the serve cocktails as well as beer. Only downside is the coffee is kind of expensive, but sandwiches are only $4.

The guy taking my order asked me how my day was and I told him how I had just driven from Ann Arbor to meet Emily. We had a nice chat about my favorite coffee shop in AA (Roos, “of course I know it!”) and Mighty Good (they sell Mighty Good coffee). Overall, everyone there was friendly and happy and Emily and I decided we have to go back for many more half-point meetings.

Do you have cold brew? No, but they have the ever-mysterious nitro brew.

Monday-Saturday: 7AM-10PM
Sunday: 8AM-5PM

1149 S Washington Ave
Lansing, MI 48910




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