Top Pot Doughnuts – Capitol Hill

I was sitting alone in this large, completely empty shop. Another customer came in. He ordered a double espresso and then proceeded to sit directly next to me. The TENSION.

This place is lined with books that no one has ever read and no one will ever want to read. It is weird to have them as a purely aesthetic aspect. I mean, technically someone could pull one off the shelf and read it, but they were all titles such as “Second Year College Chemistry.” I suppose it might be worth a leaf-through.

I ordered coffee while I was in the shop. It was subpar, once again (C’mon, Seattle) but to be fair, this is a doughnut shop. I ordered a few to take home. One of them was a long john, but it had NO FILLING. What is the POINT in that?? I had a sprinkled cake doughnut that was quite good, but I was thrown off by the filling-less long johns.

Do you have cold brew? There’s no way of knowing.

They have wifi, but it doesn’t really work. Harumph.

609 Summit Ave E
Seattle, WA 98102

Closes at 9PM daily



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