Royal Coffee Bar

My banana matched the colors of this coffee shop.

This is the kind of place I could tell put a lot of effort into their instagram account the moment I walked in the door. This shop is situated in a weird little barn in a historic square of Phoenix that didn’t seem to have much going on. But the raw wood with the bright metallic chairs and clean cut titular font set of the “this shop cares what it looks like” alarm in my head.

Rebecca and I came here to kill time before our 6PM flight. We meant to go to a nearby bar for a beer, but it was closed for liquor license renewal. Tragic. So I got me some jasmine green instead.

This shop was very small and it made more sense to me after I looked up their website and discovered it’s part of a local four-shop chain. They had shirts advertising the company and I was pondering how many customers this shop could possible have with their minimal space. Then I started thinking about why coffee shops make shirts with their logo on it anyway. It’s pretty presumptuous to think lots of people want to walk around advertising your company all over their chest, isn’t it? It makes sense with places like the Corner Bar. People grow up going there and are it’s a nice reminder of home. I suppose you get that same sense of familiarity with some coffee shops if you refuel there everyday. But I don’t know. It just seemed kind of odd to me that tiny shop with few other customers had shirts with their logo printed on them.

PS I checked their instagram. I was right.

Do you have cold brew? Indeed, they do.

Closes at 3PM daily

618 E Adams Street
Phoeniz, AZ, 85004



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