The Coffee Bar – S Street

Two words: Cardamom latte.

I got lost on my walk here. I was disappointed in myself. I thought three months after living here I’d have the grid system down but those state-named streets still mess me up. Keep an eye out for those. They’ll getcha.

This is the flagship TCB. It’s bigger than the other one and warmer. Notice the cranes on the windowill in the photo.  Nice touch. I briefly searched paper cranes online and learned it is believed that with 1,000 paper cranes, one’s wish will come true. There weren’t 1,000 paper cranes in this shop though, so I guess they’re just decoration.

I would definitely come to this location before the other TCB to do work. I’d still go somewhere else for internet work because of the tight space and subpar wifi, but it has a nice atmosphere.

Also- I asked for a for-here cup and the barista said cardamom lattes only came in one size and it had to be in a to-go cup. Doesn’t make any sense.

Do you have cold brew? No!

1201 S Street NW Washington, DC, 20009

M-F: Closes at 6PM
S-S: Closes at 7PM


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