Creekside Coffee & Bakery

Sedona! More than one person has told me this place has a piece of their heart. I’m starting to think it’s got a piece of mine too. The red rocks, the constant view. Just look at the view. The coffee was subpar, but look at the VIEW.

We came here on our way out of Sedona headed toward. I enjoy how in Arizona, every restaurant has a nice view. We went to Sonic and ate chicken fingers that had been roller skated to our car while looking at a mountain range. You don’t need fancy linens and candlesticks (or even good food) to have an amazing dinner in Arizona.

So basically- when choosing places for your dining experiences in this state, just look for windows. Doesn’t matter how the coffee tastes if you’re sipping it while looking at this.

Do you have cold brew? (Didn’t look, still too cold)

251 SR 179 ste C1 Sedona, AZ

Closes at 2:30PM daily


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