The Coffee Bar – 17th Street

Karina and I came here yesterday on our way to work in the Library of Congress.

This is a terrible place to go if you want to sit and do work. I don’t believe there is wifi, but even if there was, you would be troubled to find a space where you could sit and use a laptop. I came here earlier in the semester just to sit and read a book and just doing that I felt like I was taking up too much space.

I think it’s alright that this is a terrible place to use as your own personal office because it doesn’t seem like that’s what it was meant for. The Coffee Bar is not open on the weekends and closes relatively early on weekdays. The shop is locatedĀ inside the large Pillsbury building, which I believe is a law firm. It’s located in the business district. This shop is made for business people who want to grab a cup during work and then head back to their real office.

Do you have cold brew? Nope.

Closes at 6PM M-F
Closed S-S

1200 17th Street NW
Suite 150
Washington, DC, 20036




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