I sent you an email about this place already, (before I made this site) but I had a different experience this time around, so I figured I make a post about it.

The first time I came here I had just arrived in DC. Tryst was actually my first coffee in the city (of course I chose the gay place). I remember the thirty minute walk on the way there, journeying my way across the alphabet down 18th street, my first good look at the city. I believe that was on a weekend and I remember this place was busy. I had come here with the intention of just sitting and reading The New Jim Crow. The only open seat was at the bar and the place was buzzing. It did not feel like the place to try and learn silently about the institutional racism of mass incarceration, but more like the kind of place to meet a friend for drinks.

The second time was different. I came here on a Monday I had taken off work in order to get my car fixed. I worked on my laptop (wifi password is brewbocka- a drink they have; coffee infused black lager) while I was waiting for the mechanic to call me with information. I sipped a plain coffee (they always give you animal crackers, which I think is adorable) and munched on a chocolate croissant. Croissants always make me think of you.

The second time the atmosphere was just different. While there were some people clearly there to meet their friends, everyone at the tables next to me was on their laptop or doing some form of work. I didn’t feel out of place churning away at my research paper.

So I guess the moral of the story is to be cognizant of what time you’re coming here. I think that goes for most coffee places in DC that have more to eat than pre-wrapped sandwiches. Weekends between 10-2 are a tough time to find a spot. Better to wait until later or find another spot to do work.

Do you have cold brew? No. The first time I came here, I got an iced coffee. It was subpar.

2459 18th Street NW
Washington, DC, 20009

Closes at midnight Sunday-Thursday
Closes at 1:00AM Friday-Saturday



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