Compass Coffee – Chinatown

Compass Coffee twice in two days! Blog posts about Compass Coffee twice in two days! I thought I should try one with chairs because I felt I didn’t really get the full Compass Coffee experience at the previous one. Still didn’t sit in a chair.

Although there were chairs at this location, they were all full. The time I got off work coincided with the end of a Caps game (DC hockey), and Compass Coffee is located directly across from the Verizon Center. And thus, standing room only.

These standing tables are really growing on me. You know I don’t really like sitting. I would rather be completely vertical or completely horizontal, none of this middle of the road business. I stood and worked on my research paper for about an hour and a half and standing didn’t bother me. It’s probably good for my restless legs. I just sent Greg an email about us building a standing desk this summer. I may or may not be getting a bit carried away, but hey. If you come here, I would definitely recommend trying the stand up desks. Maybe you’ll want to build your own too.

Do you have cold brew? Yes, as previously mentioned

Wifi password: “realgood” (as in “real good coffee,” the catchphrase they printed on their for-sale Klean Kanteen thermoses. #branding). Their wifi is EXCELLENT. I didn’t have to wait for a single page to load.

650 F Street NW
Washington, DC, 20004

Open until 8:00PM daily



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