Compass Coffee- 18th and Eye

This place doesn’t have chairs. There is a single standing height wooden slab table in the center of the shop. Very strange, but I think I like it. I’ve heard their other locations have chairs, so we know this is not an anti-chair establishment and they probably just made a decision based on spacial limitations.

I ordered a cortado, which is half steamed milk, half espresso. Cortar is the Spanish verb for “to cut,” and cortado is the adjective form of the verb. So I suppose one can conclude a cortado is espresso “cut” with milk.They’re usually served with club soda on the side and most places only allow you to order them “for here.” You could get them to go at Compass Coffee though.

One of my NELP instructors who manages a coffee shop told me if I were a coffee drink, I would be a cortado. I feel a strange connection to them now and a duty to order them every once in a while. They’re also Jim Todd’s drink of choice.

Do you have cold brew? Yes! I tried Compass Coffee cold brew when I visited District Doughnut:

Corner of 18th and Eye Street

Closes at 8PM daily



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