Soho Tea & Coffee

Apparently Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday are Boardgame Night- BYOB (Bring Your Own Board) at Soho. Three out of seven nights a week are dedicated to playing games. Sounds like our kind of place.

At Soho, there are lots of tables filled with people working and chatting. This shop reminds me of the set of Friends, although I’m not sure why. Perhaps it’s the color scheme or the warmth or the heavy stroked roundness to everything. Also, there are not one but TWO Calder mobiles hanging from the ceiling. Interesting choice.

This place is across the street from a thai place which looks pretty good. Mostly because I love thai food.

Do you have cold brew? Nope. But honestly, it’s getting to be too cold for that now anyway. Low of 38* today. Yikes.

2150 P Street NW, Washington, DC, 20037
(Corner of P and 22nd)

Closes at 11PM daily.



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