Dolcezza- 14th Street

Full disclosure: I did not intend on coming here today. I went to Slipstream, but there was nary an empty space (very busy Sunday afternoons) so I decided to try out this place. It’s a favorite among my friends. In fact, on my way to Slipstream, I ran into someone from my program who was just coming from Dolcezza. There are four locations sprinkled throughout the city, (and three in surrounding areas) but the 14th Street location is closest to my apartment.

Now to the point: This place not only has coffee, but gelato as well. Good gelato.

I actually have not had their gelato, so I suppose that’s hearsay, but I’ve heard from many friends it’s delicious and kind of expensive, but worth it. I stuck to just a cappuccino today. (Notice the pretty feather design in it)

They played Adele, Beyonce, Amy Winehouse, and Norah Jones over the speakers as I read about Boston priest molestation for my Washington Post class. Notice also pictured below is my copy of the New Yorker. I got a subscription because I enjoy reading news articles, but I don’t like reading too many online. Plus it’s an easy thing to carry around with me throughout the week. So far, I think it was a good choice.

Do you have cold brew? No, but they have nitro brew. (I still need to try that)

Sunday-Thursday closes at 11 PM
Friday-Saturday closes at 12AM

1418 14th Street NW
Washington, DC, 20005



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