Baked & Wired

As I write this, I have received a new, working phone. As you know, my phone was submerged in water Friday afternoon, leaving me without phone for the weekend. I spent my Saturday traipsing around the city trying to find the Verizon and Apple stores. It was kind of nice to have to rely on my instincts (and kind strangers) to guide me as opposed to my phone.

I arrived at the Apple store around 3:30 and an employee near the front asked if I had made an appointment. I had not. She scheduled me in for 5:00 that same day. That meant I had an hour and a half to kill- too short for me to make the 40 minute walk home but too long to spend in an Apple store. So I decided to hit up the local shop Baked & Wired.

I sat on a barstool in front of a book exchange bookshelf as I sipped my hot drip coffee and paged through Kafka on the Shore. I looked over their meager selection which included magazines no one wants to read and old mystery novels. And the entire Twilight series, plus an extra copy of Eclipse. I will admit I did enjoy the series as a tween, but TWO copies of eclipse? Seems excessive. (Side question: were you Team Edward or Team Jacob? I don’t remember being either, but I remember taking a liking to one of the sister vampires… I believe her name was Alice)

The coffee was equally average. I had waited in line fifteen minutes for a cup of coffee that wouldn’t have tasted much different if I made it myself. I learned from this experience that this shop is more about the baking than the wiring.

I had been to Baked & Wired the weekend before with Cassidy and Karina for cupcakes. Those were something I could not have made at home. DC takes their cupcakes very seriously with many competing vendors, and I have learned that this is where the locals go. In fact, someone once told my mom she knew she was a tourist because she was carrying around a Georgetown Cupcakes bag- only tourists go to Georgetown Cupcakes. Obviously. But I must admit, Baked & Wired cupcakes are pretty good. I tried Pretty Bitchin, a peanut butter chocolate dream.

Final review: Don’t come here for coffee. Come here for cupcakes, and to socialize. It’s a pretty bustling place, better for conversation than deep, contemplative thought.

PS call me when you get this so I can finally sing you happy birthday.

Do you have cold brew? They have nitro brew and I am honestly am not completely sure what that is. I’ve heard it’s regular drip coffee infused with nitrogen. So it’s like iced coffee, but with nitrogen. I should probably try it sometime.

Closes at 8:00 PM Sunday-Thursday
Closes at 9:00 PM Friday-Saturday

1052 Thomas Jefferson Street NW
Washington, DC, 20007



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