Bakers & Baristas

This is the coffee shop I stop at on the way to work. I think it’s perfect for that. It’s right by my metro stop and parking garage, the line usually isn’t too long but it’s also never empty and there is always a high top table open where I can look over documents or do homework before or after work. This is one of those “assume every order is to-go” type of places, which I often compare to the fast food version of coffee shops, but their coffee is pretty good. And one of the baristas makes a mean cappuccino.

I have a loyalty card for B&B which I find very exciting. I’m at that point where some of the baristas have started to recognize me. Do you ever wonder whether people who work at places you frequent remember your face? I know I definitely recognized quite a few people when I worked at Espresso, especially if they had weird orders. There was a professor who used to come in and order three shots of espresso every day. I would start making his drink as soon as he walked in the door. It’s nice to go places and see friendly faces of people you know who know you. Or maybe they don’t know you, but they know how you take your coffee.

The picture below is from my last day of training at work. I got a chocolate croissant to celebrate. That plaque on the wall in the middle of the image is a Zagat award for their butterkuchen being one of the “10 Best Things We Ate in DC in 2015.” Haven’t tried it yet, but the croissant was scrumdiddlyumptious.

Do you have cold brew? Yes!

501 7th St NW
Washington, DC, 20004
M-F: 7AM-11PM
S-S: 9AM-11PM



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