EVE! I had my first cold brew in DC! And it was listed on the menu! And it was exceedingly average!

This afternoon, after having lunch with my mentor, I went to Saxby’s Coffee, a local(ish) chain, as per his recommendation. It was a hot day, and I had gotten lost on my way to lunch, meaning I had unintentionally walked about three miles under the blistering sun that morning. Needless to say, my body was craving a cold beverage. Saxby’s had just what I was looking for- cold brew. Unfortunately, after taking my first sips I was underwhelmed. It tasted like they had put a large quantity of cold brew in a container with a few scoops of ice and my cup had been poured near the end, meaning all the ice had melted and watered it down. Also, Saxby’s is the kind of place where they assume all drinks are to-go, so they don’t ask if you’d like a “for here” mug. I felt bad about using a plastic cup for a beverage I fully consumed by the time I left the premises.

I thought this was clever- They have signs near the register you can put on your table that say that you’re okay with sharing your table. This place must get busy. I think of it as Georgetown’s version of Espresso Royale.

“Do you have cold brew?” I didn’t even have to ask, simply order it from the menu. What a privilege!

3500 O St NW
(on Georgetown’s campus)
Closes at 10:30 Monday-Friday, 10:00 Saturday-Sunday

IMG_2561 (1).jpg


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